The Bible 是一款Mac上的阅读圣经应用,可以离线阅读圣经,界面简洁美观,包含50多个版本,很不错!

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Bible for Mac 3.7.2 介绍

Bible app is an easy-to-navigate offline Bible app for Mac with a smart UI and lots of useful features. It will allow you to dive into the sacred scriptures without all the clutter of Internet.

Bible app is a complete package for Bible Study with a modern approach to it. It is simple, elegant and beautiful.

Top Features of Bible App:

New Features:

  • Completely revamped design.
  • Search Book.
  • Search verse with chapter and verse number.
  • Decrease or increase font size.
  • Choose from 12 background colors to read Bible in app preference.
  • Choose from 10 font styles to read Bible in app preference.
  • Increase or decrease speed of speech.
  • Change background color of the presentation view.
  • Hide left pane which consist book list.
  • Now search bible with book name, verse number.
  • Find highlighted verses sorted into different colors..
  • Now save journals into different folders.
  • Add sermons: Take notes with voice recording.
  • Bible Concordance is added.
  • More than 50 new Bible Versions have been added.
  • At the bottom, character and line counts are added in both Journal and Sermon sections.
  • You can add attachments (document, photos, files) with each journal and save them in the app. You can view the attached files simply by clicking the thumbnails.
  • A desktop Widget is added that shows Daily Verses in two different backgrounds, Light and Dark.
  • Daily Verse can be accessed in the Notification Center. Users can add the App Extension in Notification Center and browse Daily Verse.

Other Features:

  • Easy-to-navigate smart UI.
  • Add more than 100 Bible Versions/Translations into the App Library. (See list below)
  • Write Journals or take notes and save them for future reference.
  • Share Journals via all the available sharing options.
  • Search Verse: Search the entire Bible with Keywords and get to a specific Chapter or Book.
  • Parallel Reading: Open two different Bible Translations side by side and cross refer.
  • Option to scroll both Translations together or separately.
  • Mark Bible Verses as Favorite and browse all of them in one place.
  • Highlight Bible Verses with Color and browse all of them in one place.
  • Copy Bible Verse from the app and paste anywhere.
  • Daily Verse: Get inspirational Bible quotes daily on a small pop up.
  • Speak Mode: The Bible reads out Bible Verses for you.
  • Presentation Mode: Show scriptures from Bible to a projector screen or a secondary monitor in fullscreen.

Bible Version/Translation List

  1. Albanian Version
  2. American King James Version
  3. American Standard Version
  4. Amplified Bible
  5. Ang Dating Biblia
  6. Bible Martin 1844
  8. Chinese Union Version
  9. Contemporary English Version
  10. Czech BKR
  11. Dutch Statenvertaling
  12. Elberfelder 1871
  13. Elberfelder 1905
  14. English Standard Version
  15. Esperanto Bible
  16. Finish Version
  17. French Darby
  18. French Louis Segond
  19. Hindi Bible
  20. Italian Giovanni Diodati Bibbia 1649
  21. KJV - Thai
  22. Korean Version
  23. Las Sagradas Escrituras
  24. Luther 1912
  25. Modern Greek
  26. Modern Hebrew Bible
  27. Modern King James Version
  28. New American Standard Version
  29. New Chinese Version Simplified
  30. New International Version
  31. New King James Version
  32. New Living Translation
  33. New Revised Standard Version
  34. New Vietnamese Bible (2002)
  35. Nova Vulgata
  36. Portuguese Version
  37. Reina Valera 1989
  38. Riveduta 1990
  39. Rumanian Version
  40. Russian Synodal Translation
  41. Schlachter 1951
  42. Spanish Reina-Valera
  43. Swedish 1917 Version
  44. The Message Bible
  45. Ukrainian Version
  46. Vietnamese Version
  47. World English Bible
  48. Young’s Literal Translation

And More

Visit our website for full list of Bible Versions.

Bible app has made Bible reading easier on Mac. Using the smartly designed UI, users can jump from one chapter to another very quickly without any issue. The powerful Search Verse will help to get your hands on to any chapter or verse in no time.

Try Bible app today!

Bible for Mac 3.7.2 激活版 - 圣经阅读应用

Bible for Mac 3.7.2 激活版 - 圣经阅读应用

Bible for Mac 3.7.2 激活版 - 圣经阅读应用

Bible for Mac 3.7.2 激活版 - 圣经阅读应用

Bible for Mac 3.7.2 激活版 - 圣经阅读应用

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