Cabinet是一款Mac OS平台上的的文件快捷管理软件,或者你也可以把File Cabinet 看作是用来做文件临时存放的平台。Cabinet功能非常全面,可以真正改变文件的存放位置,并且可容纳文本、图片、视频、文件夹以及各种格式的文件,软件的 Menubar 菜单可在一定范围内跳转尺寸,从而给了用户很大余地去管理桌面的文件(或常用的文件/程序)。

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Cabinet for Mac 1.0.1 介绍

Saving images from the internet can become cumbersome: libraries get bloated and disorganized; finding pictures becomes a hassle; business and personal blend together. This all happens because "Save As…" downloads all images to the same folder. Cabinet puts a stop to the madness. Now you can easily drag the image to your own folder structure instead of loosing it to a mess. This way, when you need to find that image, you'll always know where it is.

Cabinet for Mac 1.0.1 激活版 - 炫酷的文件快捷管理软件

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