Boinx mimoLive 4.4.1 Mac 破解版 - 实时视频制作工具

Boinx mimoLive(原BoinxTV) – 专业软件进行实时视频制作mimoLive – 软件,将您的Mac变成一个真正的电视演播室,使您可以录制自己的视频播客。与Boinx mimoLive可以捕获从显示器,摄像机,网络摄像机,便携式摄像机和麦克风的数据,并与彼此结合它们,以图形和文本。Boinx mimoLive将记录工作室节目,播客,体育比赛,演讲等等。

[Boinx mimoLive 在官网上售价199美元,约合人民币1200元]

Boinx mimoLive 4.4.1 Mac 破解版 介绍

mimoLive - 多输入多输出视频引擎(BoNXTV)就像你的无人驾驶卡车一样。易于学习和易于掌握,它允许你在一分钱广播你的信息。结合现场摄像机视频,剪辑,照片,3D图形,下三分之二,音频,和更多,创造一个惊人的记录或现场视频流。MimiLoad是完美的学校电视,事件,会议,视频播客,网络研讨会,培训视频,游戏流,体育,音乐会,布道,等等。直接流到YouTube、脸谱网等,或者记录到磁盘。


What's New

Version 4.4:

  • Added the YouTube account to the Social Media source. Now we can get the comments from YouTube live streams
  • Added the Sport Graphics pack (optional license required)
  • Added a Sports Graphics Demo template in the New Document window to show how everything should work together
  • Implemented an intelligent naming schema when duplicating layer variants or output destinations
  • Follow layer now can follow multiple faces at the same time
  • Sorted out some UI glitches
  • PIP layer got a dedicated Remote Control surface representation including the Do Shrink option
  • MimoLive respects the macOS User preferences for the count of recent documents
  • Increased performance of Window Capture source (FPS) while lowering overall memory consumption
  • When playing back movies the audio and video could get out of sync
  • Live streaming comments didn't work for old mimoLive documents out of the box
  • Streaming to Twitch or was aborting after about 4 hours and 40 minutes
  • When streaming to YouTube the comments didn't show up in mimoLive after 1 hour anymore
  • Crash when loading complex documents that take a longer time to load
  • Screen Capture source built up memory
  • Sources parameter preview showed blank image for Screen Capture sources
  • Crash when setting up a failsafe source for NDI output
  • Updated the link to the mimoLive online help for several layers
  • File Recording couldn't be started manually if Start With Show option was deselected
  • Split Screen layer had drawing glitches with name tags
  • Fixed Web Browser source memory build up
  • Audio issues

Boinx mimoLive for Mac 4.4.1 破解版 - 实时视频制作工具

Boinx mimoLive 4.4.1 Mac 破解版 下载

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