Boinx mimoLive(原BoinxTV) – 专业软件进行实时视频制作mimoLive – 软件,将您的Mac变成一个真正的电视演播室,使您可以录制自己的视频播客。与Boinx mimoLive可以捕获从显示器,摄像机,网络摄像机,便携式摄像机和麦克风的数据,并与彼此结合它们,以图形和文本。Boinx mimoLive将记录工作室节目,播客,体育比赛,演讲等等。

[Boinx mimoLive 在官网上售价199美元,约合人民币1200元]

Boinx mimoLive for Mac 2.7 介绍

mimoLive - The Multi-in, Multi-out Live-Video Engine - (was BoinxTV) is like your personal TV truck without the truck. Easy to learn and easy to master, it allows you to broadcast your message on a dime. Combine live camera video, clips, photos, 3D graphics, lower thirds, audio, and more to create a stunning recording or live video stream. mimoLive is perfect for school TV, events, conferences, video podcasts, webinars, training videos, game streaming, sports, concerts, sermons, and more. Stream directly to YouTube, Facebook, and more, or record to disk.

The published price is that of a personal or educational license for one year. Additional licenses and pricing options can be found here.

Boinx mimoLive for Mac 2.7 破解版 - 实时视频制作工具

Boinx mimoLive for Mac 2.7 下载

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