ArtRage Studio Pro for Mac 4.5.10 破解版 - 简单实用的多功能绘画工具


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ArtRage Studio Pro for mac 4.5.10 介绍

ArtRage 4 for mac 为您提供了一系列的艺术工具,如油彩,铅笔,你会感觉笔的外观和感觉像他们的真实世界同行,让你可以直接绘画,而不必了解他们是如何工作的。

ArtRage 4 for mac是一个易于使用的天然画包,可以让您在计算机上创建逼真的艺术品。它具有广泛的,让你马上倒在创作过程中不强迫你学习复杂或技术控制的艺术工具。这就像没有乱七八糟的真实漆!自然绘画工具,功能强大实用,每个人都可以开始使用。


A realistic painting program for Windows and Mac OSX that mimics traditional media

Whether you want to switch from real world painting to digital artwork while keeping that natural feel and artist freedom, perhaps do your own calligraphic inking, find a less frustrating way of learning watercolours, or have some carpet-friendly glitter for your kids, then ArtRage is for you!

  • ArtRage 4 offers professional level features, and is incredibly easy to use, allowing everyone from children to professional artists to make the transition from traditional to digital art.
  • ArtRage allows you to mix up your own paints, smearing realistically and mimicking real world art canvas textures and paint thickness.
  • It has been refined by ongoing feedback from real artists to create the most realistic chalk, oil paints, watercolours, inking pens and more.
  • It also offers highly customisable brushes, an intuitive interface that stays out of your way, and more fun and creativity than any other digital art program.

Also available as Android and iOS apps, ArtRage 4 is fully compatible with the mobile editions, allowing you to swap between field sketches to a powerful editing suite on your computer, and replay your recorded mobile works at larger resolutions.

ArtRage Studio Pro for mac 4.5.10 破解版 - 简单实用的多功能绘画工具

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