Art Text 2 for Mac 2.5 破解版 – Mac上优秀的艺术文字和图标设计软件

应网友要求更新。Art Text 是一款Mac上的图标和文字设计制作软件,这款软件内置了大量的背景纹理和特效,能够让我们非常快速的制作出漂亮的图标,相比专业的PS,Art Text可以说是「傻瓜式」操作,无需学习即可上手,只需要简单的几步就可以制作出专业的PS需要复杂的操作才能生成的效果!

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Art Text 2 for Mac 2.5 介绍

Art Text是一款创造高质量文本图像,标题、商标、图标、网站元素和按钮的OS X程序。由于支持多图层,制造复杂图形变得不费力。可将该程序创建的图形应用于iWork,Microsoft Office、BeLight等应用程序,以及各种其他文本编辑和网页设计程序。

OS X El Capitane compatible

Art Text is a layer-based design application for turning text into art and creating logos, application icons, web graphics, and buttons. With Art Text you will get professional results without the steep learning curve of Photoshop or Illustrator.

Some ideas for using Art Text:

  • Catchy headings for promotional brochures and fliers.
  • Unique titles for Keynote presentations
  • Icon for an upcoming iPhone/iPad application
  • Logo for a new business venture
  • Web graphics for a client's site

360 Customizable Templates

The Template Gallery in Art Text comes packed with over 360 fully customizable templates for headings, buttons, icons, and logos. When in need of a quick solution, simply choose a template, shape it to your needs, and enjoy the results.

Work with Vector Graphics

The library of over 600 vector icons and shapes gives you a full palette for designing a company logo or graphic for the web. You can also import vector artwork in EPS format or use the powerful Vector Editor to create shapes from scratch.

Materials, Textures, and Fills

You can give design elements any look you want in Art Text. The collection of 250 materials give objects a realistic metal, glass, or plastic look that can easily be customized using the super easy parameters or the advanced Material Editor.

A texture is basically an image file that you can use to fill a shape or text. In addition to the 190 included textures, you can import your favorite images in the most widespread formats. This can be a great way to frame and add fun captions to beloved photos.

Art Text can also give letters and objects a radial or linear gradient fill with up to three colors. Add a gradient, stroke, and shadow to text to get some striking typography.

Bend and Warp Text

Bring text to life using 24 adjustable vector transformations and Bezier splines. Wrap text around objects or just give it a unique look that stands out.

Art Text 2 for Mac 2.4.7 破解版 – Mac上优秀的艺术文字和图标设计软件

Art Text 2 for Mac 2.5 破解版 – Mac上优秀的艺术文字和图标设计软件

Art Text 2 for Mac 2.5 破解版 – Mac上优秀的艺术文字和图标设计软件

Art Text 2 for Mac 2.5 破解版 – Mac上优秀的艺术文字和图标设计软件

Art Text 2 for Mac 2.4.7 破解版 – Mac上优秀的艺术文字和图标设计软件

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