AnyMP4 Screen Recorder Mac 破解版 视频捕获与录制工具

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AnyMP4 Screen Recorder的软件是屏幕录像,记录音频的最佳工具。这款软件能够为大家的游戏,播客,在线会议,网络摄像头视频,网络研讨会,讲座等提供出色的屏幕录像功能,帮助大家记录高品质的视频。

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AnyMP4 Screen Recorder 2.0.12 Mac 破解版 介绍

AnyMP4 Screen Recorder是您记录屏幕移动和动作的最佳选择。凭借其直观而简洁的界面,您可以快速掌握它。它是用于视频记录的功能强大的软件,并且可以记录计算机屏幕上播放的所有视频文件和声音。无论您要将流视频或蓝光电影录制为视频文件,记录Skype通话还是网络研讨会,此软件都可以为您提供帮助。录制后,它将视频文件保存为WMV或MP4格式。

AnyMP4 Screen Recorder 2.0.12 is the best choice for you to record screen movements and actions. With its intuitive and terse interface, you can master it quickly. It is powerful software for video recording, and can record all video files and sound that are played on the computer screen. Whether you want to record a streaming video or a Blu-ray movie as a video file, record Skype calls or webinars, this software can help you. After recording, it saves the video files in WMV or MP4 format.

In order to avoid the black bars around the video and to better view the recording on different media devices, you can easily define the aspect ratio and the image size of the video recording. The Screen Recorder also offers you some predefined picture sizes, such as 640×480, 800×600, 1024×768. In addition, you are able to record the full image of your desktop.

AnyMP4 Screen Recorder Mac 破解版 视频捕获与录制工具

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