Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2015 for Mac 16.0 注册版 - 网页设计者必备的软件之一

Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2015 for Mac 16.0 破解版Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2015 for Mac,Dreamweaver 是最强大的网页开发工具,在2015版本中增加了大量新的特性,比如快速响应设计、代码编辑功能的改进、在设备上进行网页预览以及从 Photoshop 复合中批量提取具有多种分辨率的 Web 优化图像等新特性,非常强大!


2015 版 Dreamweaver CC 专注于快速响应设计、代码编辑功能的改进、在设备上进行网页预览以及从 Photoshop 复合中批量提取具有多种分辨率的 Web 优化图像。与 Bootstrap 框架的集成可帮助您构建移动优先、快速响应的网站。视觉媒体查询通过让您在各种断点处对您的设计进行可视化和修改,进一步完善了快速响应网页设计的体验。

Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2015 for Mac 16.0 破解版

Version (2015):

Note: Now requires OS X 10.9 or later.

  • Find the perfect photos - Find the perfect images for your sites in the Adobe Stock marketplace. Explore an ever-expanding library of photos and illustrations and download them directly to your project from Creative Cloud.
  • Preview on any device - Test and inspect websites on multiple devices simultaneously. Just type a short URL into your mobile device's browser to preview your sites.
  • Create responsive websites - Build websites that dynamically adapt to fit multiple screen sizes with built-in Bootstrap integration. Revitalize your existing sites, start from scratch, use templates, or incorporate Bootstrap components. Preview your designs in real time by resizing Live View in Dreamweaver. Set media queries visually, and more.
  • Batch export from PSDs - Save time by quickly extracting web-optimized images from Adobe Photoshop documents in multiple resolutions and formats.
  • Code faster - New code editor themes, real-time code validation with Linting and Autocomplete with Emmet support make writing code in Dreamweaver faster and easier than ever.
  • And so much more - Also includes: A new DOM panel for easily navigating and editing HTML page elements; real-time previews of colors and images in Code view; new responsive code snippets to make development faster; automatic push of dynamic files when you save; and more.






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