windOCD Mac破解版是mac上一款简单易用的应用窗口管理工具,可以帮助您使用热键控制应用程序的窗口,而且windOCD还可以记住窗口的大小和位置,以便您可以轻松地返回相同的设置,非常便捷!

[windOCD 在官网售价 9.00 美元]

windOCD 1.6 Mac 破解版 介绍

windOCD 破解版简单易用,只需轻轻一按,即可排列,对齐和移动所有窗口。无需鼠标或先打开另一个窗口。如果你需要一款应用窗口管理工具,那么windOCD 破解版是你的不错选择!

Let windOCD put windows in their places!

  • One Tool to find them. Arrange, align, and move all your windows with a snap of the fingers. No need for a mouse or to open yet another window first.
  • One Tool to bring them all. Clutter is the enemy of any productive work and creativity. With windOCD you can bind all your windows closely; directly from the start.


  • Menu bar application
  • Does not show up in your dock
  • Native standalone macOS application
  • No hack, no tweak, no plugins required
  • Keep your system integrity protection intact
  • Align, arrange, move any window to your needs
  • Save default window frames for unlimited applications
  • Restore those positions/sizes at any time by shortcut or menu
  • Saved applications can restore those positions/sizes automatically when they start
  • Use customisable global shortcuts for the alignment, save, and restore actions
  • Small footprint, works for non-native applications like Photoshop or Word too

Replaces the MenuAndDockless on macOS 10.12 Sierra and later.

windOCD Mac 破解版 应用窗口管理工具

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