Watermarker for Mac 2.2.1 激活版 - 专业的图片批量添加水印工具

Watermarker for Mac是一款Mac平台的图像水印添加工具,Watermarker for Mac是一个非常专业的图形水印添加工具,能够帮助我们非常方便的给图像添加指定的水印,支持批量操作,非常方便和使用的图像水印添加工具。

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Watermarker for Mac 2.2.1 介绍

Watermarker is a professional tool for branding images with a wide varitey of watermark types. No stone was left unturned when it came to overhauling the original Watermaker. It was necessary to completely re-write Watermarker from the ground up using the latest technologies to accomplish Watermarker's ambitious feature set. Thanks to these new technologies, not only is Watermarker fundamentally faster but it also has exciting new features like the Photo Editing extension that allows you to watermark images from other apps — e.g. Mail.app. Whether you are interested in promoting your brand or business logo on website images, or just simply trying to restrict unauthorized use of your photos, Watermarker is the app to use.


  • Overlay custom text on photographs
  • Use a logo or image as a watermark
  • Apply a customizable strike through an entire image
  • Annotate with shapes: Squares, Circles and Arrows
  • Pixellate sensitive portions of photographs
  • Native Share Sheet for quickly sending a watermarked image
  • Action Extension to watermark from other apps that support it
  • Batch rename images with patterns
  • Resize images with Pixel or Percentage constraints
  • Save collections of watermarks as reusable "Presets"
  • Sleek new dark user interface with thumbnail previews
  • Retina Optimized Graphics
  • Batch Watermark Processing
  • AppleScript Support
  • Re-written from the ground up for noticably greater performance!

Text Watermark

Dynamic text - Drag to resize text and the font size adjusts automatically

Insert any custom text into the image

Add a drop-shadow to make it really pop

Rotate the text to position it just right

Complete control over fonts, colors, opacity, and positioning

Quick access to a Copyright © symbol

Image Watermark

  • Insert a personal or professional logo
  • Drag any image into the watermark settings
  • Rotate or add a drop shadow to any image watermark
  • Image watermark is saved for future uses
  • Control over image location and opacity

Strikethrough Watermark

  • Add a strikethrough to the entire image
  • Dashed or Solid strikethroughs available
  • Customize strikethrough line-weight, color, and opacity
  • Deters unauthorized use of the photo

Annotation Shapes

  • Squares, Circles, Arrows are perfect for marking up images
  • Set fill color, stroke color, and even dashed or solid borders
  • Customizable opacity and stroke thickness available for shapes

Pixellate Images

  • Secure portions by simply drawing a pixellated box over the photo
  • Adjust the intensity of the pixellate watermark
  • Hide faces, redact sensitive info, and more.

Resize Image

  • Watermarker can resize the images when saving
  • Enter a specific pixel value or simply choose a percentage
  • Constrain by Width, Height, or use Auto to choose the best option
  • Image size is reflected in real-time in the app


  • Save a group of customized settings as a preset
  • Presets can have unique names to define their purpose
  • Easy to create, duplicate, or delete presets when needed

Fast Drag and Drop Workflow

  • Simply drag images on to the canvas to start watermarking
  • Apply any number of watermarks and drag the images out to save

Watermarker for Mac 2.0.1 破解版 – 专业图像水印添加工具

Watermarker for Mac 2.0.1 破解版 – 专业图像水印添加工具

Watermarker for Mac 2.0.1 破解版 – 专业图像水印添加工具

Watermarker for Mac 2.0.1 破解版 – 专业图像水印添加工具

Watermarker for Mac 2.0.1 破解版 – 专业图像水印添加工具

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