Unibox for Mac 1.5.2 破解版 - 优秀的邮件客户端

Unibox是一款Mac上具有清新简洁风格的邮件客户端,相比系统自带的邮件客户端,Unibox的界面UI非常的漂亮,此外,Unibox在用户体验上也让笔者十分赞赏,如账户的添加、发送邮件等细节都做得非常不错,Unibox支持 Gmail、iCloud、me.com、mac.com、 Exchange,Hotmail、outlook.com、live.com、Fastmail、QQMail等邮件服务!

[Unibox 在 Mac App Store上售价人民币198元]

Unibox for Mac 1.5.2 介绍

Unibox 采用了当今最流行的扁平化设计理念,与 OS X 自带的 Mail 相比就像把今年的大众概念车摆在一辆50年代老爷车旁边一样,给人的第一感觉就是来自不同时代的产物,Unibox 未来感十足,代表着以后的邮箱产品设计理念。

Unibox is a people-centric email client that organizes your messages by person. It avoids having email like a to-do list.

  • Unibox supports IMAP servers:
    • Gmail
    • iCloud, me.com, mac.com
    • Yahoo!
    • Exchange if IMAP is enabled
    • Hotmail, outlook.com, live.com
    • Self-hosted IMAP servers
    • Many more
  • Single window: Instantly compose your messages without opening new windows.
  • Conversations: Easily drill down into a conversation view with multiple participants.
  • Unified Accounts: View messages and conversations across all your accounts.
  • Switch Accounts: Focus on single accounts or folders when necessary.
  • Attachment List: Quickly find documents and files you exchanged with other people.
  • Attachment Grid: Visually browse your attachments and images.
  • Quicklook: Preview attachments without launching external apps.
  • Aliases: Use multiple identities with a single account, including separate SMTP servers.


Version 1.5.2:

  • New icon matching the icon of Unibox for iOS
  • Fixed rare issue with duplicated contacts
  • Fixed issue where messages switched back to unread after marking them as read

Unibox for Mac 1.5.2 破解版 - 优秀的邮件客户端

Unibox for Mac 1.5.2 破解版 - 优秀的邮件客户端

Unibox for Mac 1.5.2 破解版 - 优秀的邮件客户端

Unibox for Mac 1.5.2 破解版 - 优秀的邮件客户端

Unibox for Mac 1.5.2 破解版 - 优秀的邮件客户端

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