TripMode for Mac 2.0.1 注册版 - 简单明了的Mac联网程序控制软件


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TripMode for Mac 2.0.1 介绍

能够控制允许联网的应用,想到什么了,Little Snitch?对的,对于那些自认为Little Snitch拖慢了上网速度,Little Snitch使用麻烦的人来,是一个相当好的替代品。

TripMode automatically reduces your mobile data consumption when you use a mobile hotspot

Block Unwanted Traffic:
  • Only apps that you’ve selected are allowed to access the Internet when TripMode is ON. The rest is blocked.
Save Data Automatically:
  • TripMode activates itself on networks where you used it before. No need to fiddle in menus.
Track Your Data Usage:
  • See how much data was used per app and per session, day, or month. Spot the data hungry apps.


Version 2.0.1:

  • Profiles: TripMode 2 can now adapt its Internet access settings per network or situation, to make sure that only the apps relevant to the user can access the Internet. E.g. only allow productivity apps when traveling abroad for work, only allow Safari when streaming Netflix on slow WiFi, or only allow messaging & browsing apps when connected to a Mobile phone’s hotspot.
  • Data limits: ability to automatically block traffic when reaching a pre-defined data limit. No more surprises. Limits can be configured to be reset every day/week/month, to match the user’s data plan.
  • Enhanced apps sorting: new apps sorting options enable easy identification of the apps that try to access the Internet, or the ones that used data the most. Culprits can’t hide anymore.
  • Accessibility and localisation: TripMode 2 was designed with accessibility in mind. It supports VoiceOver and events sound notifications for visually impaired users. The UI is now localised to match the user’s system: English, French, German, Chinese simplified are supported. More languages will follow.
  • Lots of enhancements: the app has also been entirely rewritten and has snappier UI, stronger data blocking, and reduced CPU/memory usage. It is still just as simple to use as the initial release. Review the release notes over here.

TripMode for Mac 2.0.1 注册版 - 简单明了的Mac联网程序控制软件

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