Timing for Mac 1.7.2 激活版 - 时间跟踪统计工具

Timing 是一款 Mac 上的时间跟踪统计工具,完全的自动化进行统计,不需要你手动去开启、关闭定时器,用了这款软件,再也不用下班的时候去想一天都在干啥了!

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Timing for Mac 1.7.2 介绍





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Timing is the best way to keep track of the time you spend with your Mac. Find out where your time goes - without ever having to start a timer again!

Timing automatically tracks which documents you are editing, which applications you use, and which websites you visit. After tracking, you can drag and drop activities into projects. Some general categories like "Web Browsing", "Office" and "Games" have already been prepared for you, but you can customize them any way you like.

Easily review what you've done this week with just one click. Sophisticated graphs show you how you spent your time each day and which projects (or websites *cough* Facebook *cough*) consumed most of your time. And if you need the raw data to create invoices, Timing can export it as CSV or JSON for further processing!

What’s New in Version 1.7.2

Hi there! We would really appreciate if you could quickly re-post any positive review you might have posted for an old version of Timing so it shows up again for the current version — or post a new one 😉 Thank you for your support, it means a lot to us!
Some more improvements in this version:

  • Timing will now track the title of emails that you are writing in Mail.app. It used to only track the previously selected incoming mail in that case.
  • The “Add Custom Activity” popover now lets you specify the activity time in seconds.
  • Timing now doesn’t discard all activity information anymore if an app-specific extractor failed.
  • Timing now has a short onboarding flow that introduces new users to the app.

Timing for Mac 1.8 激活版 - 时间跟踪统计工具

Timing for Mac 1.8 激活版 - 时间跟踪统计工具

Timing for Mac 1.8 激活版 - 时间跟踪统计工具

Timing for Mac 1.8 激活版 - 时间跟踪统计工具

Timing for Mac 1.8 激活版 - 时间跟踪统计工具

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