Tadam for Mac 2.0.1 破解版 - 番茄时间管理工具

Tadam 是一款Mac上的番茄时间管理工具,能够让我们在工作中保持高效率,劳逸结合,默认25分钟后进行5分钟的休息,界面很简洁,很不错!

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Tadam for Mac 2.0.1 介绍

Simple Pomodoro timer that stays out of your way so you can get your work done.

= Inspired by Pomodoro =

Tadam helps you stay focused at work by reminding you to take regular breaks from work.

Here’s the simple idea:

  1. Work for 25 minutes
  2. Take a 5-minute break
  3. Repeat
  4. Every four cycles, take a longer break

= Tadam is =

Simple: Few buttons, few features, few options. Only what you need for productivity and nothing more.

At your fingertips: Tadam lives in the menu bar, so it’s always just a click away.

Out of the way: A quick glance gives you a sense of how much time you have left.

= A gentle reminder =

When work time is almost up, you’ll get a gentle reminder to hurry up.

Wrap up your work for the cycle and prepare for a break. (Or click the notification to give yourself more time.)

= Break away =

Your brain is like a muscle — it gets tired with use. To stay focused, take regular breaks and let your mind recharge.

Tadam helps you do that.

When it’s time for a break, a big window pops up, reminding you to take a break. You can’t ignore it — you can either take a break or choose to work a little more.

The window covers most of your screen, and if you move it, it will snap back after 30 seconds. It’s *designed* to be annoying enough that you’ll take the break like you know you should.

Step away from your Mac. Have a walk, a glass of water. Breathe. Give your brain some rest.

= For the pros and for the rest of us =

Tadam is for everyone. And if you’re a geek, it’s for you, too.

You can set a hotkey to invoke Tadam from anywhere.

You can control it entirely from your keyboard.

You can set custom work and break durations any time you want.

And you can shrink the break window if you want to spend it at your computer.

Tadam for Mac 2.0.1 破解版 - 番茄时间管理工具

Tadam for Mac 2.0.1 破解版 - 番茄时间管理工具

Tadam for Mac 2.0.1 破解版 - 番茄时间管理工具

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