Syncovery for Mac 7.8.3 序号版 - 优秀的文件备份和同步工具

Syncovery 是一款Mac上优秀的文件备份和同步工具,支持实时自动备份,Syncovery与本地硬盘,网络驱动器和任何其他装载的卷。此外,它配备了支持FTP,SSH,HTTP,WebDAV的,亚马逊S3,和谷歌文档,很强大!

[Syncovery 在官网上售价39.95美元,约合人民币240元]

Syncovery for Mac 7.8.3 介绍

Syncovery is used to back-up your data and synchronize Macs, servers, notebooks, and online storage space.

You can set up as many different jobs as you need and run them manually or using the scheduler. The software comes with support for FTP, WebDAV, Amazon S3, and AES file encryption, as well as SSH and ZIP compression. There are powerful synchronization modes, including Standard Copying, Exact Mirror, and SmartTracking.

Numerous improvements to make an extremely versatile synchronizing and back-up tool. The wealth of features fulfills all requirements that users typically have, while still being easy to use.


Version 7.83a:

  • The profile context menu on the Profile Overview can now pause and resume background jobs. Note that transfers of large files are not interrupted, but it will not start new files when paused.
  • Fixes problems editing remote profiles via the Monitoring Tool (via CIFS)
  • WebDAV now handles the HTTP 429 error properly and retries HTTP requests
  • Other improvements

Syncovery for Mac 7.8.3 序号版 - 优秀的文件备份和同步工具

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