Stave’n’Tabs Pro for Mac 3.6 破解版 - 优秀的乐谱编辑制作工具

Stave'n'Tabs Pro 是一款Mac上优秀的乐谱编辑制作工具,提供了多种乐器编辑,还能练习歌曲部分或者整个段落,是非常专业的音乐制作工具!

[Stave'n'Tabs Pro 在Mac App Store售价人民币78元]

Stave’n’Tabs Pro for Mac 3.6 介绍

The well-known iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch notation and tab editor Stave’n’Tabs is now available on your Mac. Simple interface, fast files’ opening, smart and convenient tools let you feel the atmosphere of the majestic classical scores, dynamic rock ballads or good old jazz. Support of the main musical formats such as MIDI and MusicXML allows you to easily listen and practice your songs and compositions created earlier.

Besides, the users of the Stave'n'Tabs for iOS can now work with their SNT Projects. The easiest way to do that is to open the synced files from the iCloud directory.

Begin creating music

  • Start your new score from the scratch or with one of the two dozen templates
  • Get inspired by famous composers in the Library
  • Listen sounding and choose instruments for your parts from the list with more than 150 items (keyboards, guitars, strings, drums, percussions, etc.)
  • Connect your MIDI devices to Stave'n'Tabs

Edit scores with Smart Contextual Musical Panes

  • Enter notes with intuitive instrument-independent interface, Virtual Piano Keyboard or computer keyboard
  • Explore and edit your score with sophisticated Piano Roll and Drums Editor
  • Modify notes with dots, tuplets and ties
  • Customize clefs, key signatures and time signatures for bars
  • Change dynamics
  • Switch between enharmonic equivalents of the notes
  • Use customizable voices
  • Edit tabs with Virtual Fingerboard
  • Setup tunings with the large value of presets
  • Use Scientific or Helmholtz pitch notation when entering notes
  • Edit tabs with keyboard
  • Diminish, augment and subdivide note values
  • Transpose pitches by semitones
  • Make your music alive with lyrics
  • Input notes by Staff Positions

Manage compositions

  • Navigate around the score with Tracks board
  • Set the visibility for instrument parts in the score
  • Select and customize horizontal, vertical or page layout for your score
  • Find out information about the selected elements in the Status Panel at the bottom
  • Save changes to PDF for Free
  • Edit title and information about creators

Practice your songs

  • Play the whole composition or selected fragment
  • Customize metronome clicking and countdown
  • Loop the playback of the desired part
  • Look at the keys on the virtual Piano keyboard

Improve compositions

  • Detect non-playable objects with red highlighting
  • Use "Starred scales" to determine the chromatic scales most similar to the selected area
  • Adjust the semitones of the selected area notes to the chromatic scale
  • Customize the chromatic scale for adjustment

Work w/ different formats *

  • snt - Stave’n’Tabs project
  • xml - MusicXML
  • mxl - Compressed MusicXML
  • midi - MIDI
  • kar - Karaoke files
  • gp3, gp4, gp5, gpx - Guitar Pro files
  • Stave’n’Tabs PRO (in-app purchase) removes all restrictions of the free version
  • Saving to any supported format
  • Editing of Music XML, MIDI, Karaoke and Guitar Pro files
  • No watermarking

Stave’n’Tabs Pro for Mac 3.6 破解版 - 优秀的乐谱编辑制作工具

Stave’n’Tabs Pro for Mac 3.6 破解版 - 优秀的乐谱编辑制作工具

Stave’n’Tabs Pro for Mac 3.6 破解版 - 优秀的乐谱编辑制作工具

Stave’n’Tabs Pro for Mac 3.6 破解版 - 优秀的乐谱编辑制作工具

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