Simplify 是一款Mac上强大的音乐播放控制工具,可以在菜单栏统一控制iTunes、 VOX、Spotify、SoundCloud等音乐播放器或播放服务,并且支持iPhone远程控制,很强大!

[Simplify 在 Mac App Store上售价人民币30元]

Simplify for Mac 3.4 介绍

Simplify is the simplest way to control your music. It lets you know what's playing, switch and seek tracks, and control sound volume. Simplify is a great music controller, and it allows you to concentrate on your work, Internet browsing, or document editing without interruptions. No need to constantly switch to a player window to find out the current track or see its album art: it will always be on your desktop.

Is your desktop always filled with windows and documents? Don't worry, you can assign keyboard shortcuts for almost every action: playback toggle, track changes, sound volume levels.

  • Album cover and track title always on your desktop
  • Desktop widget jackets: create your own look-and-feel for the desktop widget using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Follow the documentation on our site to create a jacket
  • Cute mini-player window (can be shown with a customizable keyboard shortcut) to control sound volume, switch tracks, seek tracks, toggle playback
  • Customizable global shortcuts to control sound volume, switch tracks, toggle playback, and toggle mini-player
  • Simplify may be automatically launched when Spotify starts
  • Current song title in menu bar
  • Easily copy track title and link to track to share with friends


Version 3.4:
Note: Now requires OS X 10.8 or later

  • Fixed support of web-based players, so Pandora, Deezer, VK, and others get back into the game!
  • Fixed Spotify artworks. You'll see!
  • Some other under the hood improvements and fixes.

Simplify for Mac 3.4 破解版 - 强大的音乐播放控制工具

Simplify for Mac 3.4 破解版 - 强大的音乐播放控制工具

Simplify for Mac 3.4 破解版 - 强大的音乐播放控制工具

Simplify for Mac 3.4 破解版 - 强大的音乐播放控制工具

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