SimpleEdit for Mac是一款独一无二的文本代码编辑器,SimpleEdit Mac版功能非常强大,您可以使用它创建自己的主题,并定义为任何你想要的语言和需要。SimpleEdit Mac还能够与iCloud同步,您可以使用SimpleEdit Mac轻松完成文本代码编辑的任务。

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SimpleEdit 1.6 Mac 破解版 介绍

SimpleEdit for Mac功能强大,可自定义,具有iCloud / Dropbox支持,并且支持Retina。是的,有时需要挤满了编辑器。但是在大多数情况下,我们需要一些简单,快速且整洁的东西。SimpleEdit将是您的第一选择。它运行速度非常快,支持iCloud *,功能强大且干净。

SimpleEdit is powerful, customizable, has iCloud/Dropbox Support, and is Retina-aware. Yes, sometimes a jam-packed editor is necessary. But in most cases we need something simple, fast and uncluttered. SimpleEdit will be your first second editor of choice. It is very fast, iCloud* enabled, powerful and clean.

The best thing about SimpleEdit is its customizability. You can create your own themes and definitions for any language you want and need. Its syntax highlighting knows more than just some keywords and is very fast and robust.

But what you will love most about SimpleEdit is its customizable command menu. A menu with all your own actions, scripts, commands, snippets and templates. You can create your own command-line commands or even your own URL requests. So you could post your code with just a single click to an online snippets repository. Or – with also just one click – you could create a PDF preview from a LaTeX document.

SimpleEdit Mac 破解版 文本代码编辑器

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