Roxio Toast Titanium 16 for Mac 16.0 破解版 - 最强大的光盘刻录软件

Toast Titanium 是一款Mac上强大的光盘刻录软件,被誉为Mac上最优秀的光盘刻录软件,这款软件支持光盘刻录的整个流程:从内容的获取、转换、复制到光盘的刻录、封面的制作等等,支持兼容不同Windows和Mac OS X系统光盘的刻录和CD、DVD、蓝光光盘的刻录,除了刻录功能外,还支持光盘内容的提取和格式转换,包括蓝光光盘。

[Toast Titanium 在官网上售价99.99美元,约合人民币600元]

Roxio Toast Titanium 16 for Mac 16.0 介绍

Roxio Toast 16 Titanium, the leading DVD burner for Mac, makes burning even better, adding Roxio Secure Burn to protect your files on disc and USB in Mac- or Windows-compatible formats. Get more style with more than 20 themed templates with menus, submenus, and chapters in Toast MyDVD, the pro-quality disc authoring tool. Quickly trim video with just a few clicks in the new Toast Slice simple video editor.

  • Capture - Get video from anywhere, including your screen, the web, camcorders and discs
  • Edit - Remove unwanted segments from your video clips, and enhance audio tracks or recordings
  • Copy - Easily copy content from CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray Discs, even faster with dual drives
  • Convert - Enhanced support lets you convert video for playback on a wide variety of devices, including phones, tablets, video game consoles and more
  • Share - Publish your video directly to YouTube, Facebook or Vimeo. Toast will tweet your YouTube and Vimeo links automatically
  • Burn - Discover the easiest and fastest way to burn your digital media to disc new Toast Slice simple video editor

Enhanced capture lets you record system audio, along with voiceover, and any area of your screen. With support for the latest devices--and everything you need to capture, edit, copy, convert, burn, and share--Toast 15 Titanium is your complete digital media toolkit.

Roxio Toast Titanium 16 for Mac 16.0 破解版 - 最强大的光盘刻录软件

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