RipIt for Mac 1.6.9 序号版 - 实用的DVD复制整理归档软件

RipIt是一款很不错的Mac DVD复制整理归档软件,可以将DVD影片光盘完全复制到电脑上,速度非常快,并且可以归类整理放置,方便查找播放。

RipIt for Mac 1.6.9 介绍

RipIt gets your movies off the disc and onto your Mac, where it's easier to find, organize and play them.

Why Rip Your DVDs?
  • Use your laptop longer: Laptops use a lot more juice when they're spinning a DVD and a hard drive.
  • Easily organize your movies: Moving files around on your computer is a lot easier than alphabetizing shelves full of DVDs.
  • Find movies faster: Use your Mac's built in search tool, Spotlight, to find a movie in your collection... instantly.
  • Peace of mind: Movies stored safely in your computer can't get lost, scratched or broken.
  • Simplify entertainment on-the-go: Why carry around bulky DVD cases or disc wallets when you don't have to?


Version 1.6.9:

Note: This update must be downloaded manually.

Note: Now requires OS X 10.9 or later.

  • Fixed an issue with disc identification - now OS X 10.9 only

RipIt for Mac 1.6.9 序号版 - 实用的DVD复制整理归档软件

RipIt for Mac 1.6.9 下载

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