Recordee for Mac 1.0 激活版 - 优秀的录音工具

Recordee 是一款Mac上优秀的录音工具,简单易用,可以快速方便的进行录音,菜单栏快速调用和管理,很不错!

[Recordee 在 Mac App Store上售价人民币12元]

Recordee for Mac 1.0 介绍

Recordee is a drop-dead easy app to record audio on your Mac. It resides on your Menu bar as a small icon and requires just two clicks to initiate a recording. It is one of the distraction less recording app that leaves no trace of its existence on the desktop. It keeps doing its job in the Menu bar itself. Thus making it fully hidden from your attention which comes useful in recording a story telling.


There are three simple ways to record an audio with this app. Each one is easier than the other.

  1. Users can start a recording with just a click on the app icon on the Dock. To stop the recording click again on the icon on the Dock.
  2. In case if you have the Dock Icon hidden, you can start the recording from the Menu bar. Just click on the App icon to start the recording and click again to stop recording.
  3. You can also initiate the recording from the Menu bar options. Click on Recording from the Menu bar and click on Start/Stop. Repeat the same to stop it when you are done with the recording.

From the Menu bar pop window, users can listen to the recorded audio with full play/pause and stop functionality. Users also can save the recording to another location or delete the recorded audio very easily. The search bar at the bottom will help users to get their hands on any recording instantly.

So, download Recordee today and experience the most distraction less audio recording App for Mac.

Recordee for Mac 1.0 激活版 - 优秀的录音工具

Recordee for Mac 1.0 激活版 - 优秀的录音工具

Recordee for Mac 1.0 激活版 - 优秀的录音工具

Recordee for Mac 1.0 激活版 - 优秀的录音工具

Recordee for Mac 1.0 激活版 - 优秀的录音工具

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