ProPresenter 6 for Mac 6.0.20 激活版 - 优秀的现场双屏演示工具

应网友要求更新。 ProPresenter 是一款Mac上非常专业的现场双屏演示系统,ProPresenter可以让我们在使用投影仪演示媒体内容时,非常灵活的控制演示,分屏幕控制媒体的播放,并且还内置了大量漂亮的背景和前景图片。

[ProPresenter 6 在官网上售价399美元,约合人民币2400元]

ProPresenter 6 for Mac 6.0.20 介绍

ProPresenter is a presentation system that utilizes two screens, allowing users to quickly and easily present slides on one screen while controlling the presentation with another screen.

Our program allows an operator to click on a slide in our "Control Panel", at which point the projector screen immediately transitions to the new slide.

What's more, the program supports QuickTime, and can synch slides with an audio track for canned music presentations. ProPresenter also allows you to change your backgrounds dynamically and, of course, you can integrate ProPresenter with your video production system to key the words over live or recorded video.


Version 6.0.20:

  • A contiguous playlist doesn't jump to the selected item initially
  • Scheduler - Not triggering the first slide when the previous is a loop
  • Cannot jump around playlist while Go to Next timer is on
  • Go To Next timer doesn't advance between documents
  • Loop announcement action jumps to any item you click in library
  • Go to Next timer prevents Contiguous view from moving to selected document
  • Pro renaming one file causes display issues
  • Template applying to duplicate of a song
  • NDI support added to SDI module
  • Making changes to duplicate documents changes the original document

ProPresenter 6 for Mac 6.0.20 激活版 - 优秀的现场双屏演示工具

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