Pixave 是一款Mac上优秀的图片素材收集整理工具,新版本增加对OS X El Capitan的支持,增加支持导入Affinity 软件的文档,Pixave能够帮助设计师收集整理所有的图片素材,方便日后的查询和过滤,帮助设计师建议自己的素材库

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Pixave 2.3.13 Mac 破解版 介绍



Key Features

  • Easy import your images
  • Organize images by using Collections and Smart Collection, Folder
  • Browse image by Colors and Tags
  • Popular image formats supported: JPEG, JPEG 2000, GIF (included Animated GIF), PNG, TIFF, ICNS, BMP, ICO, PSD, AI, EPS (included PDF info only), SVG, TGA, RAW image
  • Auto detect and organize animated GIFs, phone, tablet, Icon, Wallpaper images.
  • Customizable export settings and export ePub too
  • Capture all the screen, window, selected area, full web page with customizable hot keys
  • Support multiple libraries
  • Integrated with OS X Yosemite Action extensions to edit image
  • OS X Yosemite built exclusively for Mac: Retina ready, Sharing, Notifications, fullscreen, multi-touch gestures, core image

Pixave 2.3.13 Mac 破解版 新功能

What's New in Pixave

Version 2.3.11:

  • Fixed minor UI problems on macOS 10.13.X
Pixave 2.3.13 Mac 破解版 - 实用的图片素材收集整理工具
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