PhoneExpander for Mac 1.0.1 激活版 - iOS 设备清理新选择

2016-03-07 207

应网友要求更新。PhoneExpander 可以帮助用户在10分钟之内完成清理。点击下面的按钮即可进入 PhoneExpander 的主界面。如果没有连接任何 iOS 设备,PhoneExpander 将提示,设备必须通过 USB 线缆与 Mac 连接,无线连接不起作用。

PhoneExpander for Mac 1.0.1 介绍

PhoneExpander is an app that runs on your Mac, just like iTunes. You connect your iOS device and are able to clear out space for updates, new apps, and media. It takes a few minutes to run, and you can use just one or all of the different tools. PhoneExpander is designed to be simple enough for your parents to use, but useful even for power users.

  • Clear App Caches - There are lots of temporary files on your phone, wasting your space! In iTunes, they're simply listed as "Other", but they're impossible to remove. PhoneExpander can clear them away without hurting your phone or the apps on it.
  • Find Big Apps - Easily see how much space each of your apps are taking and delete unneeded ones all at once.
  • Remove Huge Photos - Pictures and videos often take up the most space on your device. PhoneExpander makes it easy to back them up to your Mac and then free up the space they were using.
PhoneExpander for Mac 1.0.1 激活版 - iOS 设备清理新选择-麦氪搜(
PhoneExpander for Mac 1.0.1 激活版 - iOS 设备清理新选择-麦氪搜(

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