NotePlan for Mac 1.6.12 破解版 - 支持Markdown的精益简单设计日历


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NotePlan for Mac 1.6.12 介绍

Daily Planning on iPhone, iPad and Mac - Get things done with a markdown-based app for managing daily tasks using Todos, Notes and a Calendar. Boost your productivity with a simple and flexible daily planning system.

Daily planning can be a mess, when you have giant todo-lists or a dozen scribbled notes in notebooks. NotePlan helps you fix this pain with a mix of calendar, bullet journal, notes and todo-list. Use it to build your productivity machine!

NotePlan is for busy professionals. Like developers and designers with too many side-projects and a job to handle. It's for people who plan by writing. If you love using Moleskin Diaries or Journals, NotePlan is perfect for you..

All your notes are safely stored and backed up as lightweight text files in your iCloud Drive. Nothing from NotePlan is send or stored on our servers. It's designed for Apple only.

NotePlan was made, because no other App has this unique combination of productivity tools: Calendar, Todos and a Markdown Editor. Use it as:

  • Task Manager
  • Planner
  • Daily Notes
  • Calendar
  • Note-Taking
  • Project-Management
  • Todo-List
  • Task-Management
  • Markdown todo app

It is perfect for busy professionals, who have to juggle between different Projects efficiently.


  • Shows your tasks and events in a monthly view.
  • Different colours show different states of your tasks.
  • Supports any external calendars, which are registered in your 'Calendars' App. Events from other calendars are synchronised automatically.

Daily Plan:

  • Plan each day with a new note. Add tasks, events (with time) and comments to a day.
  • Manage tasks by checking them off as 'done', 'scheduled' and 'cancelled'.
  • Schedule a task (or multiple at once), if you couldn't finish it today. Push it quickly to tomorrow or any other day.
  • Jump from one day to another through a mini-calendar or shortcuts.
  • Simple text-formatting with markdown, such as bold, italic, lists, titles, etc.

General Notes:

  • Beside the calendar, you have to keep notes, checklists, todos, etc., which don't have a specific date. You can do that here!
  • Tag notes and filter them by the tag to keep track of your different projects.
  • Schedule individual todos from a general note directly into the calendar.
  • Jump from a general note into today's daily note with a shortcut.
  • Text-formatting also here supported.
  • Gestures supported! Swipe left or right to change months, dates and notes.
  • Keyboard-Navigation: Made for efficiency, use keyboard shortcuts to switch between views and notes, format text quickly with Markdown and mark tasks.

NotePlan was and is continually updated and improved together with an active Beta-Tester community consisting of professionals from all over the world.


Version 1.6.12:

  • New: Apply @HH:mm time tags from the text to the time spinner when scheduling or sending a todo to an external calendar.
  • New: Add or update the @HH:mm time tag, if send to was used or the reminder option was selected when scheduling.
  • New: Support AM/PM in time tags: @08:00 PM for example.
  • Fixed: date duplicates appeared for some “all-day” events.
  • Fixed: wrong cursor position when placing an empty markdown link with CMD+K.
  • Fixed: Minor typos in translations.

NotePlan for Mac 1.6.12 破解版 - 支持Markdown的精益简单设计日历

NotePlan for Mac 1.6.12 破解版 - 支持Markdown的精益简单设计日历

NotePlan for Mac 1.6.12 破解版 - 支持Markdown的精益简单设计日历

NotePlan for Mac 1.6.12 破解版 - 支持Markdown的精益简单设计日历

NotePlan for Mac 1.6.12 破解版 - 支持Markdown的精益简单设计日历

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