MPlayerX for Mac 1.1.1 中文版 – 优秀的视频播放器

应网友要求更新。MPlayerX是一款Mac上的优秀免费视频播放器,支持几乎所有的常见视频格式,手势操作、字幕、截图、智能播放列表、多屏幕、Apple Remote远程控制等等功能都具备,支持中文,1.1.1版本好像换了新的Logo了,比以前的Logo洋气多了,不知道功能有没有进步!

MPlayerX for Mac 1.1.1 介绍

MPlayerX for Mac 1.1.1媒体播放器,给用户带来全新的媒体播放体验.

  • 支持几乎所有媒体格式。
  • 多点触控, 用手指控制播放。
  • 智能探测字幕编码, 不会再乱码。
  • 直通音频输出, 接入, 播放, 享受你的数字家庭影院。
  • 支持多显示器, 边工作边娱乐? 拖拽 + F。
  • 支持Apple Remote, 坐在沙发上欣赏您的收藏, 更舒服。
  • 自动寻找下一个可播放的文件, 打发周末的下午, 只需点击一次。
  • 自动续播, 忘记上回看到哪儿了? MPlayerX会帮您记得。

MPlayerX is an alternative media player powered by ffmpeg and mplayer.

"Well, I was really tired of Mplayer OS X. It runs OK but, it looks like a ninety year old man."

And also, the new technology Apple prevailed, such as Core Animation, Grand-Central Dispatch, even OpenCL, pushed me to give them a try.

So I started without even knowing how to program under Mac, came to know Xcode, Objective-C 2.0, Cocoa and the Core family.

It is still in such a primary status, I will keep on enhance and figure out how to do this and how to do that.

Now it could do:

  • Multi-Screen Fullscreen support.
  • Apple Remote support.
  • Multi-Touch support.
  • Automatic find next proper file to play.
  • Auto detect the encode method of subtitle file (with Universal Charset Detector).
  • Snapshot.
  • Multi-Threaded ffmpeg support.
  • Change subtitle size while playing(except VOBSub)
  • Remember last played time and resume playing.

MPlayerX for Mac 1.1.1 中文版 – 优秀的视频播放器

MPlayerX for Mac 1.1.1 中文版 – 优秀的视频播放器

MPlayerX for Mac 1.1.1 中文版 – 优秀的视频播放器

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