Monity 是一款Mac上优秀的系统监控通知中心插件,支持最新的 macOS Sierra 系统,支持 CPU、内存、网络、硬盘、电池等监控,还支持下载各种扩展,实时显示在系统的通知中心栏中,很实用!

[Monity 在 Mac App Store上售价人民币30元]

Monity 1.4.5 Mac 破解版 介绍 advanced System Monitoring Widget for macOS. Monity takes place in macOS Today View and oversees your components statistics. Having an eye on your systems and network usage without messing around like before with huge and uncomfortable symbols in the menu bar was never so easy.

System monitoring

  • Uptime, Processes, CPU Usage, CPU load average

Memory Management

  • Wired, Active, Inactive, Compressed, Free memory
  • App-Memory, File-Cache, Reserved memory, Available & Used Memory
  • Supports new Memory display format

Network Activity

  • Monitoring of all active Networks
  • Active Connection, shows external WAN IP, internal LAN IP Address
  • Incoming & Outgoing Traffic (current & total)
  • Copy IP to Clipboards or open in your Browser

Battery Usage

  • Current charge with time left, original capacity of your battery and load cycles
  • Battery charging and usage in Watt
  • Battery charge of Bluetooth Mouse, Trackpad and Keyboard

Disk Usage

  • Mounted volumes (Internal, External, Network, USB, CD/DVD, TimeMachine, SD-Cards)
  • Detailed Space usage
  • Unmount Volumes directly within Monity

App usage Statistics (optional)*

  • Detailed App usage statistics about CPU utilization, Memory usage and Energy impact.
  • CPU usage for currently running Applications
  • Memory usage for currently running Applications
  • List Energy impact for currently running Applications

Sensors, Temperature & Fan speeds (optional)*

  • Detailed statistics by numerous sensors for Temperature and Power consumption.
  • Information about current revolutions per minute (rpm) for integrated Fans, as well as their limits.

Individual Dashboard

  • Widget Settings with individual customization options
  • Sort and arrange Panels through multiple pages.
  • Show / Hide Panels
  • Rearrange Panels
  • Exclude Volumes from Volumes List

... and many more


Let us know about all your feature suggestions, we’d like to know how to improve the next version of Monity. We’re always happy to hear your feedback!
Contact us at

*Get additional Panels and Statistics by downloading Monity Helper inside the App under „Get more Panels“.

What's New in Monity

Version 1.4.5:

Note: Ready for macOS 10.14 Mojave

  • Overall stability improvements

Monity Mac 破解版 系统监控通知中心插件

Monity Mac 破解版 系统监控通知中心插件

Monity Mac 破解版 系统监控通知中心插件

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