Moneydance for Mac 2017.8.1691 序号版 - 全能个人财务管理

Moneydance 是一个跨平台、支持多国货币的个人理财软件。通过它独创的理财界面,您可以轻松整理、统计个人财务状况,控制预算、跟踪投资以及自动平衡支票的使用。

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Moneydance for Mac 2017.8.1691 介绍

Moneydance 拥有一个非常简洁、直观的用户界面,有效将个人理财行为化繁为简。通过对在线银行、账单支付功能的支持,进一步为使用者节省开支、提高效率。用 Moneydance,您还可以实时设置、跟踪个人财务预算。系统可以自动找出那些即将到期的应付款项和开销,并及时提醒用户。Moneydance 会采用图形化界面向您汇报个人财务走向,并提出具有参考价值的文字报告。它增强您对个人投资行为的掌控能力,不再去做赔本的买卖。

对于理财软件来说,安全措施是否到位关乎用户重大利益。因此,Moneydance 在加密、密码保护方面设置了周全的选项,将确保您的个人隐私不受威胁,做到万无一失。

Moneydance 可以导入 Quicken,以及 MS Money 等理财软件的历史数据 (QIF 格式),这点进一步提高了此软件的通用价值。


  • 网上银行- Moneydance可以自动下载交易并从数百家金融机构网上支付款项。Moneydance学习如何自动分类和清理下载的事务。
  • 使用图形工具生成你的收入和支出的可视化报告。设置图形类型、日期范围和您想要的图形类型的任何特定设置。当你将鼠标指针移动到屏幕的不同区域时,弹出的气球会显示更多有关数据的信息。图形还可以打印或导出到图像图像文件中。
  • 提醒和预定的交易——交易和票据可以很容易地安排在它们出现或到期时提醒你。
  • 帐户寄存器—用于在帐户中输入、编辑和删除事务。它与纸质支票簿寄存器很相似,除了计算余额和事务排序都是自动完成的。通过payee自动完成功能,输入事务更容易;这减少了输入许多类似事务所需的击键次数。

What's New in Moneydance

Version 2017.8:

  • Corrected buy/sell markers in security performance graph by adjusting for splits and removing markers for non-priced transactions
  • Fixed bug in which min/max amounts in memorized Transaction Filter reports switched to the same value in both fields when re-edited
  • Security detail transaction list now shows the cleared status from the parent transaction in the investment register
  • Reliability and efficiency improvements (speed and RAM) for files with large currency and security price histories
  • Updated Spanish translation
  • Revamp of capital gains report calculations for securities with average cost
  • Fix fog a bug which could use unnecessary disk space and RAM when security and currency price histories were updated
  • Automatically check for and remove any orphan historical price entries when opening a file
  • Add ability to include currency exchange rates in imported QIF files. In the !Prices section, put a caret (^) before the three digit currency ID and the 'price' will be interpreted as an exchange rate relative to the current file's base currency.
  • Fixed bug with selection and editing of the 'other side' of transfer transactions
  • Prevent unrecognised transaction sort settings from stopping the UI (especially in the reconciler window)
  • Fix bugs related to re-editing transactions, adding attachments, and duplicating transactions from the register when the auto-create-new-transactions option is disabled
  • Improvements and fixes to mouse click handling, especially when using Apple's Magic Mouse
  • Fixed error when reading security prices during QIF imports
  • Fixed bug in which the QIF Import 'Account Info Only' option didn't suppress import of all investment transactions
  • Fixed bug which resulted in an error when attempting to install an unsigned extension
  • Added certificates to support a few bank changes (including Wells Fargo and Aon Hewitt

Moneydance for Mac 2017.8.1691 序号版 - 全能个人财务管理

Moneydance for Mac 2017.8.1691 序号版 - 全能个人财务管理

Moneydance for Mac 2017.8.1691 序号版 - 全能个人财务管理

Moneydance for Mac 2017.8.1691 序号版 - 全能个人财务管理

Moneydance for Mac 2017.8.1691 序号版 - 全能个人财务管理

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