LightWeaver for Mac 1.2 破解版 - 照片效果增强


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LightWeaver for Mac 1.2 介绍

LightWeaver is a revolutionary photo effect that bombards your images with particles, finding edges and contours with different degrees of freedom and expressiveness : a refreshing take on generative sketching!

▲ Also available on iPhones & iPads!

▲ LightWeaver is brought to you by the maker of Trimaginator, 500K Downloads, winner of the Platinum Award for "Best Entertainment App", Best Mobile App Awards - Summer 2015

  • Perfect for portrait pictures or faces : LightWeaver makes it easy for everyone to get an awesome social media profile picture
  • Artists will explore new realms of abstract compositions
  • Graphic designers can use the 32bit - no background - export to mix the particle layer in a photo editor like Adobe Photoshop

So what are you waiting for? Just play around and see what you can come up with!


  • Tons of particle based effects
  • Particle trail color and opacity selector
  • Background overlay color and opacity selector
  • Particle density selector
  • Zoom and Pan image
  • 24bit and 32bit (without background) PNG export


If you want LightWeaver regularly improved, please help its independent development by leaving a positive rating or review!


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LightWeaver for Mac 1.2 破解版 - 照片效果增强

LightWeaver for Mac 1.2 破解版 - 照片效果增强

LightWeaver for Mac 1.2 破解版 - 照片效果增强

LightWeaver for Mac 1.2 破解版 - 照片效果增强

LightWeaver for Mac 1.2 破解版 - 照片效果增强

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