Leawo Prof. Media Mac 破解版 多功能媒体转换器

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Leawo Prof. Media for Mac专为Mac用户定制,包含DVD Ripper、leawo Blu-ray Player、DVD Copy、DVD Creator等软件,提供多达1080P视频,DVD,蓝光,在线视频,音频和照片之间的多种解决方案,可以帮您解决任何音频、视频格式问题。

[Leawo Prof. Media 在官网售价  119.95 美元]

Leawo Prof. Media 8.1.1 Mac 破解版 介绍

Leawo Prof. Media for Mac是一款多功能的全视频转换器组合,适用于Mac用户转换媒体文件以用于不同目的。它集成了10多种媒体转换器应用程序:适用于Mac的高清视频转换器,适用于Mac的视频下载器,适用于Mac的蓝光开膛手,适用于Mac的蓝光复制,适用于Mac的蓝光创建器,适用于Mac的DVD复制,适用于Mac的DVD开膛手,用于Mac的DVD Creator,用于Mac的照片幻灯片制作器,用于Mac的照片幻灯片刻录机,用于Mac的2D到3D转换器等。

World’s No. 1 media converter suite provides the best and most fully-featured multimedia solutions! All-inclusive media converter toolbox provides multiple solutions between up to 1080P videos, DVD, Blu-ray, online videos, audios and photos, with astonishing bonus features.

  • Convert online videos, HD/SD video, DVD and audios to more than 180 formats for iPhone, iPad, Galaxy S series, HTC New One, Xperia series, etc.
  • Burn video to DVD & Bluray content with over 40 models of disc menu and templates preset.
  • Copy DVD movies to computer or blank disc, directly back up ISO file onto disc, supporting 1:1 duplication, movieonly backup, etc.
  • Download and convert videos from online video sharing sites like YouTube, Facebook, VEVO, Veoh, etc.
  • Create photo slideshows and burn photo slideshow to Bluray/DVD.
  • Create 3D movies with up to 6 different 3D effects available, edit disc menu and video effects.
Leawo Prof. Media Mac 破解版 多功能媒体转换器

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