Launchey for Mac 1.2.2 激活版 – 灵活的菜单栏快捷工具


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Launchey for Mac 1.2.2 介绍


"Great Utility tool.

Love Launchey! Nice little Utility tool. It's SO HANDY! wondering why no one thought of that before?!!" - by Amphetamine

"Very Good App.

I was looking for an app that would list all apps and quickly launch them. I tried Launchey and was very pleased with the results. It did all that I was looking for in the app. I had several questions and suggestions. I emailed the developer and he responded very quickly. Within 20 minutes, even though there is 7 time zones different. I recommend Lauchey." - by pcsnet

Launchey is a lightweight launcher that lets you launch any app on your Mac from the menubar. You can choose which apps are visible in the Launchey's menubar menu and select up to 5 favorites that you can display on your directly on your Mac's menubar. Launchey lets you set global hotkeys for launching your favorite apps.


  • customizable menu,
  • customizable hotkeys,
  • displaying apps directly in the menubar,
  • customizable application directiories,
  • launch at startup,
  • fast and lightweight,
  • build using newest Apple technologies,
  • designed for OS X El Capitan.


  • Small UI tweak.

Launchey for Mac 1.2.2 激活版 – 灵活的菜单栏快捷工具

Launchey for Mac 1.2.2 激活版 – 灵活的菜单栏快捷工具

Launchey for Mac 1.2.2 激活版 – 灵活的菜单栏快捷工具

Launchey for Mac 1.2.2 激活版 – 灵活的菜单栏快捷工具

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