Jumsoft Money for Mac 4.7.3 激活版 - Mac上强大的个人财务理财软件


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Jumsoft Money for Mac 4.7.3 介绍

Money by Jumsoft presents a powerful, comprehensive, and intuitive system designed to help you keep control of your financial life. Oversee your account balances, track your income and spending, keep budgets, and have your data synced among your Mac, iPhone, and iPad via Dropbox. Do it all in a straightforward and stylish interface.

Convenient income and expense tracking

  • Multiple types of accounts (bank, cash, investment, etc.)
  • Multi-currency support
  • Reconciliation of accounts and individual transactions
  • Straightforward way of managing categories and payees
  • Enter transactions by category or payee
  • Print checks
  • Transfer and split payments
  • Make notes and add attachments
  • Various options for sorting, labeling, and searching
  • List and grid views

Easy budget planning

  • Multiple budget capability
  • Various budget periods, including one-time budgets
  • Average spending amounts to help set realistic budget limits
  • Progress bars for each budget category
  • Color indications and alerts for low and exhausted budgets
  • Recurring budgets

Smart scheduler

  • Advance planning of expenses, income, and transfers
  • Handle recurring transactions, such as utility bills
  • Reminders about pending scheduled transactions
  • Automatic payment capability

Advanced reports

  • Multiple report types
  • Easily changeable report parameters
  • Various options for report customization
  • Pie and bar charts
  • Printing and emailing capabilities

Investment tracking

  • Investment accounts
  • Portfolio feature allows following all investment accounts
  • Charts depicting history of portfolio and individual stocks
  • Automatically updated tables of top gainers and losers in the market, major world indices, and currency rate fluctuations

Cloud storage and syncing

  • Document storage on Dropbox
  • Syncing with Money for iPhone and iPad (requires iOS 6 or later)

More handy features

  • Multiple-user capability
  • Password protection
  • Streamlined interface

Jumsoft Money for Mac 4.7.3 激活版 - Mac上强大的个人财务理财软件

Jumsoft Money for Mac 4.7.3 激活版 - Mac上强大的个人财务理财软件

Jumsoft Money for Mac 4.7.3 激活版 - Mac上强大的个人财务理财软件

Jumsoft Money for Mac 4.7.3 激活版 - Mac上强大的个人财务理财软件

Jumsoft Money for Mac 4.7.3 激活版 - Mac上强大的个人财务理财软件

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