Joyoshare Audio Recorder是一种功能强大的录音工具,这款软件能够帮助大家快速捕获各类流行音乐网站的音频。不光如此,这款软件还支持各类常见的音频格式的精确修剪和均衡声音等后处理功能,能够帮助大家录制出出色的音频文件。

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Joyoshare Audio Recorder 1.1.0 Mac 破解版 介绍

Joyoshare Audio Recorder是一种功能强大的工具,可以很好地捕获流行音乐网站,在线聊天平台,广播电台或麦克风中的音频。除了选择录音源之外,它还具有精确修剪和均衡声音的后处理功能,以丰富音频文件。

Joyoshare Audio Recorder 1.0.0 is such an all-powerful tool that performs well in capturing audios from popular music sites, online chat platforms, radio stations or microphones. In addition to recording source selection, it comes with accurate-trimming and equalizer sounds post-processing to enrich audio files.

No matter which device or player you want to listen to audios on, Joyoshare Audio Recorder can achieve it by saving to the most compatible and widely-used MP3, AC3, AAC, M4B, etc. More handily, it has options to manage playlists, timed recording or ID3 tags as you wish.

  • Record Types of Audios Easily
  • Support 16 Popular Output Formats
  • Recognize and Fix ID3 Tags
  • Create Playlists to Manage Audio

Joyoshare Audio Recorder Mac 破解版 功能强大的录音工具

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