JixiPix NIR Color for mac破解版是一款照片红外线效果处理软件,JixiPix NIR Color破解版可以为你的照片增加红外线的效果,变成超现实主义风格,JixiPix NIR Color内置极端和普通两种风格,每种风格下面都有大量的预设,一键即可使用。

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JixiPix NIR Color 1.27 Mac 破解版 介绍

摄影是捕捉光线的艺术。另一方面,红外摄影是捕获不可见光的艺术。如果您正在寻找可以添加到摄影库中的新颖独特的东西,那么您来对地方了。NIR Color确实是美丽,超现实的,它将把普通的风景变成神奇而空灵的东西。

NIR Color—Infrared Photography Software

When using the NIR Color infrared photo effect everyday objects will differ sharply from those seen with visible light. For instance, the effect will sometimes render a blue sky very dark and green foliage very light to create an amazing and chilling contrast. With NIR Color the contrast make your photo pop along with transforming the original colors to ones that are dreamy and surreal with the built-in color filters. The decision is in your hands to tone the transformed color down to classy, clean, and contrasted ones; or boost them to a dramatic color of your choosing taking your infrared photography to a completely different level. With NIR Color you will quickly see how incredibly beautiful the world can be in a different light.

JixiPix NIR Color Mac 破解版 照片红外线效果处理

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