iCab是另一种Web浏览器。 它支持HTML,图像过滤,cookie过滤,书签,java和javascript支持,搜索模式,从资源管理器导入Web档案,下载管理器以及许多其他浏览器中没有的有用功能。

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iCab 5.9.2 Mac 破解版 介绍

iCab is an alternative Web browser. It supports HTML4, image filtering, cookie filtering, bookmarks, java and javascript support, search modes, importing of Web archives from Explorer, download manager, and numerous useful features not found in other browsers.


  • Advertising banner filtering
  • Kiosk mode
  • Error protocol (Smiley)
  • Portable Web archives
  • Download Manager
  • Link Manager
  • Souce code manager

What's new in iCab

Version 5.9.2:

  • Fixes an issue with failing downloads caused by a server error.

iCab Mac 破解版 网页浏览器

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