Gamepedia mac破解版是一款功能强大的视频游戏编目软件,Gamepedia使您可以通过使用关键字或使用iSight或扫描仪进行搜索来从Internet检索所有游戏检索信息,通过Gamepedia,您还可以搜索多个国际游戏网站,以获取有关视频和游戏的信息。

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Gamepedia 6.0.1 Mac 破解版 介绍




Gamepedia is a powerful cataloging application for video and computer games which allows you to retrieve all your game information from the Internet, either by using keywords or using an iSight or a scanner for the search.

Gamepedia lets you to search several international gaming sites for information about your video and board games. It also lets you add links to reviews, walk-throughs and screenshots from any other site.

You can keep a wish list for those games you don't own yet and a borrowed list for those you want back. To get even more organized, create smart collections that update themselves automatically whenever a new entry is added to the program. Display your collections in a table view, browse only the covers with the cover view or use the info view for a more personalized look. Share your collections with friends, using the customizable HTML export templates or one of the other three export formats. Gamepedia comes with full Spotlight integration and is localized in Spanish, Dutch, Italian French and German.

Gamepedia Mac 破解版 视频游戏编目软件

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