Forecast Bar for Mac 2.9 激活版 - 实用的菜单栏天气预报

Forecast Bar 是一款Mac上实用的菜单栏天气预报,可以在菜单栏快速显示多天的天气情况,支持中文,简单易用,界面精美,很不错!

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Forecast Bar for Mac 2.9 介绍

Forecast Bar, powered by, offers hyper-accurate, hyper-local live weather and forecasts right in your menu bar. With beautiful background images matching current weather conditions and time of day, along with a simple and clean interface, you will find yourself checking the weather non-stop!

  • Tapping on Forecast Bar opens up a gorgeous panel full of rich and relevant weather information, including:
    • Current conditions, with current, feels like, high, and low temperatures, as well as relative humidity
    • A succinct description of the weather for the next hour, and next 24 hours
    • Rich, animated charts showing temperature and rain forecasts
    • When rain is detected in the next hour, an animated chart showing rain intensity
    • 5 day forecast, with high and low temperatures and weather conditions
    • Stunning animated icons for each weather condition
    • Full description of all local NWS severe weather alerts (U.S. only), including Notification Center support
  • Tapping again on the forecast displays a rich, animated panel with additional information, including:
    • Current wind conditions with an animated compass
    • Dew point and humidity readings, with a "mugginess" animated gauge
    • Pressure indicator with trend information
    • Sunrise and sunset times for the day
    • Visibility reading
  • Other features:
    • You can also tap on any day's forecast to see a full 24 hour temperature and precipitation chart.
    • Forecast Bar offers full support for light and dark menu bar modes, and carefully conserves your computer's power.
    • Forecast Bar automatically uses your location, or allows you to type in any location to get weather reports.

Note: This app contains in-app or external-module purchases.


Version 2.9:

  • Support for a fully customized weather summary (Preferences > Appearance > Customize Summary...)
  • Improved Preferences organization
  • Support for sending current temperature to your iOS devices as icon badge
  • Support for reading the weather via AppleScript
  • Fix for snow amount values in hourly details
  • Fix for hourly details not respecting units

Forecast Bar for Mac 2.9 激活版 - 实用的菜单栏天气预报

Forecast Bar for Mac 2.9 激活版 - 实用的菜单栏天气预报

Forecast Bar for Mac 2.9 激活版 - 实用的菜单栏天气预报

Forecast Bar for Mac 2.9 激活版 - 实用的菜单栏天气预报

Forecast Bar for Mac 2.9 激活版 - 实用的菜单栏天气预报

Forecast Bar for Mac 2.9 下载

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