Ember Mac破解版是一款热门的数码照片创意整理工具。无论是网页、照片、或是app,它都可尽揽其中,并且操作简单 ,只需将你要保留的图片拖拽进来即可。Ember可以分门别类整理,添加注释反馈,还可以通过各种网络服务来共享你的图片。

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Ember 1.8.5 Mac 破解版 介绍


Ember的UI设计,简洁大方沉稳,每一个按钮,模块的布局都恰到好处,你会马上找到自己想要的资源和功能,相对于Realmac在iOS端的作品表现, Ember 的设计偏向于保守,但在细节上依旧保持了这个团队的设计风格,比如在订阅界面保存资源时的反馈动画就和OS X自带的MAS 程序安装动画如出一辙。


随着收藏的素材逐渐增多,资料库里的 Grid 缩略图尺寸会越来越小,这一点的设计很人性化,减轻了用户浏览时的负担,在同一屏下能够浏览更多素材,不过数量太大,Ember也爱莫能助了,真想 ”翻箱倒柜” 找回几年前保存的资源,你就得靠 TAG 和 搜索 帮忙了。

Note: Ember is no longer under development, and it is no longer available for download.

Ember (formerly LittleSnapper) is your digital scrapbook of things that inspire you: websites, photos, apps or other things. Just drag in images that you want to keep, organize them into relevant collections, annotate the images you need to give feedback on, and share your images to your favorite web services.

  • Organise your ideas and design inspiration. Drag in images from your Mac and around the web, and organise them into Collections. Apply tags to images, and build Smart Collections based on the tags and other metadata in your library.
  • Subscribe to your favourite websites. Subscriptions allow you to visually browse the web. Images can be saved to your Ember library, and shared with friends and co-workers.
  • Build a scrapbook of designs you love. Save websites to your Ember library from Safari and Chrome with the powerful browser extensions. Ember doesn't need to be running, and you can send images to collections right from your browser. Ember uses the width of your browser window when snapping, meaning that the layout is exactly the same in the captured image. Ember also features a responsive browser, allowing you to save responsive webpages at any desired width, and the Element Selection mode detects appropriate areas of the webpage to snap as you roll over them. There's even handy presets for your favourite iOS devices to quickly set the browser width.
  • Take Screenshots. Take screenshots with Ember, and they'll automatically appear in your library with the name of the app applied to them. You can capture Fullscreen, Timed Fullscreen, Area and "Window" images.
  • Sketch feedback on your images. Beautiful drawing and text tools allow you to give feedback on images. Cropping and rotation ensure that your images are always perfectly sized and aligned.
  • Go Full Screen. Work undistracted with Ember in its own space.
  • Share with friends and co-workers. Send your images with Email, AirDrop, Messages, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Flickr and CloudApp.
  • Auto-detects iPhone and iPad screenshots. Library organisation has never been easier: just drag in those PNGs from your favourite iOS device and Ember will automatically sort them into "Phone" and "Tablet" for you!
  • Import from LittleSnapper. Ember imports libraries from LittleSnapper, and adds them to your Ember library.

Ember Mac 破解版 照片整理工具

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