Denise Noize 2 1.1.1 Mac 破解版 多功能音频噪音工具

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Denise Noize 2 for mac破解版是一款多功能音频噪音工具,Denise Noize 2主要用来产生适应性噪音,让你在音频中可以在其中添加适量的噪音,以造成非常棒的混音效果。

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Denise Noize 2 Mac 1.1.1 破解版 介绍


Denise Noize 2 1.1 brings user requested features such as new noise types and loading and editing of user noise profiles.

The Noize 2.0 introduces three new noise types and the option to load and edit your own noise profiles – features that have often been requested by the community.

When Denise actually tested the plugin, it turned out even more creative and versatile than they could anticipate. For example, they found out using a reversed vocal sample on drums and rhythmical synths has a surprisingly great effect.

Noize 2 features

  • A switch to generate noise that adapts to the volume of your track, in real time.
  • Load and edit your own noise samples.
  • Choose between 8 types of noise and apply additional filtering.
  • Mute the original audio to isolate the noise signal and apply additional effects.
  • Optimize the behaviour of the noise by tweaking the rise and fall time.
  • Additional plugins that compliment the Noize: Bite and Space Invader.
  • Low CPU usage.

denise audio has updated Noize 2 to version 1.1.0.

Updates include:

High and low pass filters, to clean up unnecessary high and low end frequencies from recorded audio.
A pitch control dial for tuning samples on-the-fly, without time-stretching samples.

Denise Noize 2 Mac 破解版 多功能音频噪音工具

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