Data Rescue for mac这是一款Mac OS平台上的数据恢复软件。也可以说是目前Mac OS平台上最好的数据恢复软件。如果你的硬盘出了毛病打不开? 其它工具不能识别您的坏驱动器了? 都可以用Data Rescue试试。可以对硬盘、软盘或活动硬盘 上的详细数据进行95% 的恢复。

 Data Rescue 4 for Mac 4.2.2 介绍

  • Works on all Mac hard drives even if they fail to mount or only partially operate.
  • Recovers digital pictures from your camera media even after it has been erased or reformatted.
  • Recover your entire Mac hard drive or just the files you need.
  • Recovers all file types from any HFS/HFS+ formatted hard drive.
  • Tuned for all modern Mac OS versions 10.7.5 and newer.
  • Recovers from any iMac, Macbook, Macbook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac mini, MacPro, including Retina displays.
  • RAW data recovery is enabled from the entire Mac hard drive.
  • Supports Data recovery from NTFS-based Boot Camp Partitions.
Data Rescue 4 for Mac 4.2.2 破解版 - Mac上专业强大的数据恢复软件

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