Command Center for Mac 1.2 破解版 - 实用的iOS风格控制中心


Command Center 是一款Mac上实用的iOS风格控制中心,通过这款软件,我们可以方便的控制Mac,如WIFI连接、睡眠控制、启动分区、音乐控制、蓝牙控制、声音控制、音量控制、闹钟、世界时钟、日记本等等,可通过快捷键快速的调用,界面也非常的漂亮,非常不错!

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Command Center for Mac 1.2 介绍

Command Center (was Control Center) is a new utility app for macOS, inspired by Control Center. We’ve created a beautiful tool designed to let you control and monitor most aspects of your Mac. It is a panel that auto-hides on the side of the screen, and is activated by mouse (like the Dock). The panel is divided into two sections: Control and Monitor.

Control features include various toggles, controls, and shortcuts, allowing you to:

  • Control the communication devices such as Bluetooth/Wi-Fi
  • Enable a Night Mode that adjusts screen gamma after sunrise/sunset
  • Enable Do Not Disturb (toggle system notifications)
  • Hide or show desktop icons
  • Adjust screen brightness (including on external displays)
  • A Music widget that lets you control your music player (supporting iTunes and soon Spotify)
  • A File Drop widget that enhances productivity by simplifying drag-and-drop of files
  • Various system shortcuts, such as log-out, sleep, etc.

The Monitor features include advanced graphs and statistics for most system-related information, such as CPU, RAM, Network, Battery and Power usage.


Version 1.2:

  • Greatly improved performance, Command Center now uses 0% CPU in the background
  • Added keyboard activation option
  • Added new settings for display animation
  • Added new settings for mouse activation
  • Improved prevention of accidental mouse activation
  • Fixed an issue where themed labels would not display properly
  • macOS Sierra Support
  • Minor fixes

Command Center for Mac 1.2 破解版 - 实用的iOS风格控制中心

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