CircusMonkey for Mac是一款安装在After Effects中使用的3D空间文字排版MG动画脚本,兼容最新版本的After Effects,这款AE脚本CircusMonkey可以帮助用户在ae中制作个性动态文字排版动画,支持文字的旋转、焦距等多种绑定方式。

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CircusMonkey Mac 破解版 介绍


CircusMonkey的Text Rigs是系统的核心,允许您使用文本创建一系列基本3D形状。它有多个动画选项,一个自动生成的摄像头,可以从一个单词移动到另一个单词,以及基于标记的定时控制,使调整变得轻而易举。


Aescripts CircusMonkey 1.04 – Create kinetic type with the greatest of ease. A new way of working with text in 3D space unleashes amazing possibilities. CircusMonkey creates and animates type. It specializes in complex 3D text layouts using 7 different algorithms that can be adjusted via effects controls after the build.

CircusMonkey is a follow up to the original TypeMonkey, our first kinetic type generator. While both generate kinetic typography, they go about it differently and the results are completely unique.

CircusMonkey’s Text Rigs are at the core of a system that allows you to create a series of basic 3D shapes with your text. It has multiple animation options, an automatically generated camera that moves from one word to the next and marker-based timing controls that make adjustments a breeze.

An additional set of live, effects-based controls allows you adjust the layout, animation, camera angle and visibility of the kinetic rig after the initial build. As with all Monkey scripts, CircusMonkey is designed for a wide range of users, from beginners to experts.

Key features:

  • 7 Flexible Text Rigs
  • Multiple Alignments
  • Kuler Palette Import
  • Multiple Transition In and Out options
  • Markers dynamically linked to text and camera with no keyframes
  • Marker sync feature helps make automatic VO and music sync a breeze
  • Timing changes as simple as sliding a marker
  • New camera algorithm allows for breakthrough dynamics
  • Effects controls for additional post-build adjustments
  • Visibility Controls to help separate words in Z space

CircusMonkey Mac 破解版 3D空间文字排版MG动画脚本

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