Capo 3 是一款获得苹果设计奖和在App Store中受到编辑推荐的歌曲学习软件,能够通过在不影响其音调的同时放慢歌速帮助我们学习歌曲的语调,并且可以添加标记和设置循环,让你高效的学习熟练歌曲,非常的有创造性,是学习演唱的好伙伴!

[Capo 3 在 Mac App Store上售价人民币198元]

Capo 3.8.1 Mac 破解版 介绍

Capo 让你慢下来,你最喜欢的歌曲,你可以听到的音符,学习他们是如何演奏。卡波,你可以很快的标签你的歌曲在一个高度详细的OpenCL驱动谱图显示。


  • 检测并输入和弦
  • 音调调整
  • 马克首节
  • 以较慢的速度循环
  • 出口调整音乐课
  • 基本的影响

What's New in Capo

Version 3.8.1:

Note: While the software is classified as free, it offers in-App Purchases. For $49.99 per year, Capo Platinum gives you everything in Capo Pro *plus* the ability to unlock all the features in Capo touch for iOS.

  • Capo no longer crashes when opening Project windows for users that have always-visible scroll bars enabled on their Mac

Version 3.7.3:

  • When you click on the time position in the Heads-Up Display to switch between bar/beat and time displays, the timeline now also updates to reflect the current position display mode
  • When searching for inversions (a.k.a. "slash chords") such as D/A in the chord chooser, Capo now provides results that include all the inversions available in the chord once you type the "/
  • character
  • The progress meter that is displayed during the song analysis now updates more smoothly as the calculations are happening, and should better reflect the weight of the individual processing steps
Bug fixes:
  • Certain inversions (Dm/C, D/A) are no longer missing important/common shapes in the chord chooser
  • Capo no longer includes shapes in the chord chooser that are missing the specified bass note in their inversions (e.g. D/A no longer includes a straight, open D shape)

Version 3.5.8:

Bug Fixes:
  • Custom-applied chord shapes that were saved using previous releases should once again appear as they were saved-sorry for the trouble!
Important Note:
  • By fixing the issue above, chord shapes that were edited and saved in the 3.5.7 update will not appear in 3.5.8 when you re-load the project. Furthermore, adjusted chord shapes in a project that had both a pitch adjustment and transposition applied (e.g. +1.56 semitones)-regardless of the version of Capo-those chord shapes must all be re-adjusted. We apologize for this inconvenience and are working on making changes to eliminate this sort of flakiness in future updates

Capo 3.8.1 Mac 破解版 - Mac优秀的歌曲演唱学习工具

Capo 3.8.1 Mac 破解版 - Mac优秀的歌曲演唱学习工具

Capo 3.8.1 Mac 破解版 - Mac优秀的歌曲演唱学习工具

Capo 3.8.1 Mac 破解版 - Mac优秀的歌曲演唱学习工具

Capo 3.8.1 Mac 破解版 - Mac优秀的歌曲演唱学习工具

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