Book Collector Pro Mac 破解版 简单易用的图书信息管理软件程序

Book Collector是一款简单易用的图书信息管理软件程序,这款Book Collector for Mac能够帮助大家快速整理各类书籍资料。大家只要输入记得的书籍名称或者作者名称,这款软件就能够帮大家自动从网络上为您下载所有书籍信息,方便大家进行管理。

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Book Collector Pro 20.1.2 Mac 破解版 介绍


使用 Book Collector的数据库应用程序的目录,可以快捷方便的添加图书数据库, 无需打字的辛劳,只要输入作者,标题和藏书等关键字,软件将自动从互联网上下载所有(如亚马逊和图书馆大会党),包括封面图片等各种来源的信息。使其所产生的数据库可以浏览和分类,以各种方式搜索(例如,找到单词“房子”为标题的所有书籍,排序类型的书籍,等等..)。

Book Collector 20.0.2 is a software application that enables users to catalog their book collections. It offers the possibility of sorting books by different criteria, as well as keeping track of the items that were loaned. Multiple databases can be created, and books can be added by either performing an automatic search process or by manually entering the details about each book. Obviously, the first option simplifies the entire process of creating a book collection, as it allows users to look for books by ISBN, author and title, or LCCN.

The selected books can be either included in your current database or added to a wish list. You can make the program download a front or back cover, pricing data, retrieve genre and subject information, as well as specify a primary and secondary geographical location.

If you cannot find a book or all the details about it, you can manually enter the required information, such as title, genre, subject, rating, author, country, language, publisher, original title, reading date, price, characters, plot and notes, as well as add images and links.

Moreover, you can add e-book files to your collection by selecting a book directory which will be automatically scanned. The generated results can be included in your database with the use of the batch mode, as well as renamed and linked to existing books in the collection.

You can import files, provided that the file format is CSV or plain text, export items to HTML, XML and plain text, or print the entire collection.

Other important features that are worth mentioning lie in the possibilities of creating automatic backups, editing books, customizing the appearance of the application, sorting books by title, author, producer or date, and merging list items.

Moreover, you can track books that have been loaned, view their due time, or find out whether a book on loan is overdue or not.

All in all, Book Collector can help you create a nifty database, which can be used for book cataloging and library management.

Book Collector Pro 20.1.2 Mac 破解版 新功能



  • 当使用左上角的X按钮时,程序现在将“退出”而不是“挂起”,这样当你重新启动程序时,数据库将立即再次打开


  • 不可能通过管理选择列表屏幕添加作者的笔名。
  • 管理选择列表屏幕可以隐藏在编辑内容屏幕后,当打开

Book Collector Pro Mac 破解版 简单易用的图书信息管理软件程序

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