Art Text for Mac 3.2.2 注册版 - Mac上实用的艺术文字和图标设计制作软件

Art Text是Mac os平台上的一款艺术字体制作软件,可用来设计商标的LOGO,还有标题,标识,图标,网站元素和按钮,用途非常的广泛。

[Art Text 在官网上售价49.95美元,约合人民币300元]

Art Text for Mac 3.2.2 介绍

Art Text is graphic design software to create stunning illustrations, such as badges, flyers, logos, social headers and icons, text mockups, website graphics and buttons, picture captions, word art, and 3D text. Both professional designers and amateurs will be amazed by the selection of tools and diverse content collections, all in a slick and intuitive interface.

  • Customizable Templates - 70+ ready-made templates will help with logo design, produce beautiful word art, web elements and picture captions.
  • Fill Tools - 100 gradient presets, 540+ textures and 140+ shading materials.
  • 2D Effects - Adjustable shadow and glow effects, over 30 masks.
  • Graphic Content - 750+ vector icons, symbols and shapes, 32 flash, flare, sparkle and light trace objects, 570+ backgrounds and textures.
  • 3D Materials - Customize 3D materials using 200+ textures, 140+ bump map surfaces, 80+ environment map textures.
  • 3D Effects - Apply soft-edged shadow or glow to 3D objects. Use optical effect tools to make background objects out of focus.
  • Geometry Transformations - Apply 24 transformation shapes to 2D or 3D texts to bend, warp or give the text a wavy shape.
  • Sharing the Result - Share the art on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with just one click, or export to an image file to use virtually anywhere.


Version 3.2.2:

  • Solved the problem with "Fit/Resize to Document" for 2D objects
  • Fixed an issue with opening version 2 documents
  • Improved LinkBack support
  • Fixed the problem with font-dialog size
  • Enhanced overall program stability

Art Text for Mac 3.2.2 注册版 - Mac上实用的艺术文字和图标设计制作软件

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