AnyMP4 PDF Converter for Mac 3.1.71 破解版 - 强大的PDF格式转换工具

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AnyMP4 PDF Converter 是一款Mac上强大的PDF格式转换工具,支持将PDF文件转换为TIFF, JPEG, PNG, GIF,Text, Word, Excel, EPUB, HTML等文件,很好用的一款PDF格式转换工具!

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AnyMP4 PDF Converter for Mac 3.1.71 介绍

AnyMP4 PDF Converter not only helps you convert any PDF file to the image formats like JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIFF and more, but also convert PDF to any document format like Word, Text, Excel, PowerPoint, Rich Text Format, EPUB and HTML.
Besides, this software enables you to convert PDF files in any page range and preview the PDF file with PDF Reader according to your needs. Also, the OCR technology makes your output document more clearly and speeds up the conversion process.

1. Convert PDF file to JPEG, PNG, GIF, PPM format

With the powerful PDF to Image Converter, anyone can easily convert your multiple PDF files to JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TGA, PPM, JPEG2000, TIFF, and other formats at blazing fast speed. It supports batch conversion, you are able to set different output formats for a PDF file, and load many PDF files to output an image format. There is no any limitation to convert any PDF file.

2. Convert PDF to Word, Excel, TEXT, PPT, EPUB, and HTML file

It helps you convert PDF to Text, Microsoft Word 97-2003, Microsoft Word 2007, Microsoft Excel 2007, Microsoft PowerPoint 2007, Rich Text Format, EPUB and HTML. You are able to choose page range to convert, for example, you can choose all pages, customize the output page, and choose only on page to convert. Also, you are able to choose the output format, set the output folder, and rename the PDF file or remove those you don’t want.

3. Support OCR technology to recognize the PDF more clearly

It supports OCR and you can choose any mode like Accuracy, Balance and Speed at your disposal. Accuracy can provide you with the best quality for recognition; the speed provides 2-2.5 times faster recognition speed at the cost of a moderately increased error rate (1.5-2 times more errors); Balance is an intermediate mode between accuracy and speed. Also, there are many kinds of languages for you to choose, which will be used for better recognition in OCR. What’s more, this special software supports to convert different PDF files at the same time with high speed and quality.

4. Select output page range and easy to operate

This PDF Conversion is the best PDF Converting software because it not only can convert PDF files to image and document formats, but also support several perfect functions. For example, it has the ability to select the output page range and set the output formats or folder. With the popular OCR technology, it can improve the output file effect and the recognition accuracy and speed. What’s more, the “batch conversion” feature can help you save a lot of time.

*** It works with OS X 10.7 or later! ***

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AnyMP4 PDF Converter for Mac 3.1.71 破解版 - 强大的PDF格式转换工具-麦氪搜(
AnyMP4 PDF Converter for Mac 3.1.71 破解版 - 强大的PDF格式转换工具-麦氪搜(
AnyMP4 PDF Converter for Mac 3.1.71 破解版 - 强大的PDF格式转换工具-麦氪搜(
AnyMP4 PDF Converter for Mac 3.1.71 破解版 - 强大的PDF格式转换工具-麦氪搜(
AnyMP4 PDF Converter for Mac 3.1.71 破解版 - 强大的PDF格式转换工具-麦氪搜(

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