Acon Digital Verberate 2 for mac破解版是一款音质混响插件,当我们说到混响,其实一切都取决于音质。 Verberate 2是一种算法混响插件,可模拟具有非凡逼真的真实声学环境。 Acon Digital Verberate 2引入了生动的霍尔算法,该算法增加了时间差异,从而避免了困扰基于卷积的混响的刚度,同时保留了Verberate 1的自然高密度混响尾音。

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Acon Digital Verberate 2.1.1 Mac 破解版 介绍

Acon Digital Verberate 2具有一个Dispersion参数,当与衰减编辑器结合使用时,它可以进行高度逼真的板混响仿真,以模拟较长的高频板混响衰减。新的Swirl参数使它有可能模拟许多老式数字混响单元中发现的反馈调制效果。

实际的声学环境会由于气流,表演者的移动或观众的动作而略有变化。 尽管这些变化看起来很微妙,但在混响尾音消失之前,由于声音被反射了很多次,因此对混响尾音末端的影响是显着的。 新的生动大厅算法可对这些随机变化进行建模,而不会产生合唱效果或音高变化等伪影,因此能够以更高的真实感模拟真实大厅的混响。

Verberate Immersive 2 is a surround reverb and a 3D capable edition of Verberate 2 — our algorithmic reverb plug-in that simulates real acoustical spaces with exceptional realism. Verberate Immersive 2 replaces Verberate Surround and supports all common surround and immersive formats up to 7.1.6 channels. The new Vivid Hall algorithm adds time variance to avoid the stiffness that plagues convolution based reverbs while preserving the natural high density reverb tails of Verberate Surround 1.

Verberate Immersive 2 was developed in close cooperation with professionals in film and TV post production. Great efforts were made to create a tool that not only delivers best-in-class audio quality, but also delivers results quickly through a well thought out workflow. Verberate Immersive 2 offers complete and independent control over the panning of the dry sound, late reverberation and early reflections. The panners work in up to three dimensions and have adjustable divergence. The pan positions and divergences are visualized and adjusted in an intuitive way, thus simplifying automation of complex movements.


  • Supports all the common surround and immersive formats up to 7.1.6 channels
  • Powerful integrated panning tools
  • The new time variant Vivid Hall algorithm goes beyond convolution
  • Powerful decay editor allows frequency dependent reverb times
  • Input and output equalizers with up to five fully parametric bands

Acon Digital Verberate 2 Mac 破解版 音质混响插件

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