Accessible for Mac 1.2.0 激活版 - 简单易用的快捷文件菜单访问工具


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Accessible for Mac 1.2.0 介绍

Accessible provides an easy-to-access menu containing any of your favorite and most important files. This allows you to bypass Finder or any other file system app, and focus on what really matters: getting things done. Optimize workflow and reduce clutter by quickly opening files and apps located anywhere in your computer with just one click in your menu bar.

  • A modern, elegant user interface with a dark mode option
  • A minimal yet powerful group editor for proper file organization
  • Basic organizational functions such as moving, renaming, and organizing items within a group
  • Advanced file options (displaying hidden files)
  • Easy opening of files with available applications – no configuration required
  • Quick folder contents access – simply hover over a folder and a submenu of its contents appear

What's New in Version 1.2.0

  • New font style settings
  • Minor user interface tweaks
  • Stability and speed improvements
  • Bug fixes

Accessible for Mac 1.2.0 激活版 - 简单易用的快捷文件菜单访问工具

Accessible for Mac 1.2.0 激活版 - 简单易用的快捷文件菜单访问工具

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